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Project Description

Brand Philosophy

Kerstin Florian International is a luxury skincare company that focuses on results. With a  guiding philosophy of Outer Beauty, Inner Health inspires a sense of well-being through powerful plant, marine and technically-advanced ingredients as well as professionally-designed spa services.

To support a wellness-based lifestyle and to achieve healthy-looking vibrant skin, they encourage four core lifestyle practices people can incorporate into their daily lives:

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Our core motivation is promote wellness in as many ways as we can through our treatment protocols, at-home programs; Our lifestyle blog featuring health, nutrition and skincare tips; and sourcing ingredients that improve health and wellness from the outside in.


Kerstin Florian sources only premium quality, safe, healthy and consistently effective ingredients to achieve the skincare results our customers seek. Our products are regularly tested and refined through research and technology methods to maximize safety, purity and efficacy while maintaining the natural integrity of the ingredients.