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Project Description

Y-Spa for Men, created for professional use in spas, Y-Spa was specifically designed to meet the unique needs of a man’s skin.  After nine years of in-spa research, Y-Spa for Men is now available for use at home.

Not a women’s line repackaged for this unique market segment, or a fragrance company looking to capitalize on a scent, but rather professional products with a specific purpose in mind.  Rich in botanicals, aromatherapy and essential oils, the products have unique anti-oxidizing and purifying benefits.

The “Y” in Y-Spa refers to both Y chromosome specific to men and also poses the question “Why” worry about skin care.  Even the most skeptical man will understand and appreciate these easy to use products.  From men looking for simplicity of use, to men requiring a full skin care regimen, Y-Spa is the solution.