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Whish Body


One day, Aimee Werner, finding herself stuck without shaving cream, borrowed her husband’s imported foamless shave cream. Although the smell was far from feminine, she experienced the best shave of her life and commented, “Wish I had something that worked so well, without that manly smell.” That’s where it all began. Aimee and her husband set out to create a new line of women’s shaving products that not only work incredibly well, but smell absolutely delicious! They also wanted to use natural and organic ingredients instead of the harsh, drying chemicals used in most drug store brands. Countless test shaves later, Aimee’s wish became Whish. But why stop there? After creating their amazing line of shaving products, Aimee and her husband set out to create an entire line of skin care products with the mission of discovering new ingredients which enable intelligent choices for your skin.